Saturday, February 27, 2010

Natalie and the joys of writing

caption: Natalie immersed in literature.

It has been discussed already how our little Natalie has -- to borrow a phrase from Mencken -- entered the larval stages of a bookworm. Yesterday, mysteriously passing over the first book of Tolkein's Lord of the Rings Trilogy, she was reading his "The Two Towers" on the kitchen table, where daddy found it bookmarked when he returned home late from work.
More recently, Natalie has discovered the joys of writing. Here are some samples, which are completely original, and reflective of a precious heart:

Hi. My name is Natalie.
OK. I love you mom
I love everybody
OK I like writing and playing
With the babies I like
Anything in the world
The end and this is really the end.

(The above was typed into mommy's iPod.)

Natalie's Diary
I got it when we were going shopping. This is a special day for me.
I also registered for school.

My diary is purple.
I love my diary.
My favorite color is purple that's why I got a purple diary. I also got a fairy TInke Bell socks and Practice and Learn Workbook.

(Note: spaces have been inserted between the words in most cases.)

I like to write on my diary.
Diarys are fun.
The babies my mom and dad are fun too.
Even boks are fun!
I love Theo and Mommy.
This is funny this not a fairy tale. This is about witches. Is that funny?

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Clarks Ride Again

The Clarks of New Jersey haven't posted an entry in many days. We apologize. Here are some pictures that tell part of the story.
Clockwise from top left: Dad and Theodore in Milford, Pa. Thedore preparing for bed in his room. Natalie reading a "novel." Theo, Margie and Natalie horsing around before the final push to the summit of Mount Sleepy Head.