Saturday, December 28, 2013

Special Christmas message from the Clarks

From left, Theo (11), Natalie (8), Margie and Casey
• A sphero remote-control robot/smart toy, featuring augmented reality games;
• Cute bunnies calendar;
• Blue shirt from Banana Republic (slim fit);
• Street Fighter for PlayStation (Rated T for Teens);
• Charm bracelet in a little blue box with red ribbon;
• Rug for Theo's room;
• Fluffy blue shirt with leggings (two)
• Scratch off lottery tickets;
• Rubber bands and Rainbow Loom;
• Miscellaneous video games;
• Bunny necklace;
• Bunny stuffed toy;
• Gift cards from Uncle Danny;
• A roll of 35 $1 bills;
• Red long-sleeved shirt;
• One of those ticklers that scratches and massages the scalp;
• Three books, including "The City of Ember;"
• Chess set;
• Brainbows, the colorful spheres that bloom into rainbowy cheer;
• Noodle hula-hoop product; and
• A voucher for "Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare," by Isaac Asimov.