Thursday, June 24, 2010

Second grade graduate

This morning at about 9 a.m., my little Theodore is slumped in the living room comfy chair, his legs hanging over one chair arm, his armpit hugging the other. In his hands, some type of Pokemon reference directory, which he is studying quietly.

He appears to be copying the posture and attitude of a teenager. Here he is on his first day of summer break between the second and third grade,

On the carpet, little Danielle and even littler Nathan, two of the star pupils of Miss Margie's Metuchen Day Care, are rolling around the floor. Now they're showing off their dance moves. Silly little lovable children. Theo must appear a giant to these babies!

But when I see him in his Campbell School pictures, he appears so young again, the smallest boy in the class, in need of protection and encouragement. See for yourself what I mean. Look at him here in Mrs. Valera's class on tie-dyed shirt day. How different from the picture of the boy spread out on the living room chair.