Saturday, October 07, 2006

Once More onto the Beach

Theo and Natalie, with the ruins of Asbury Park in the distance.

[Editor’s note: the authors have been busy expanding our day-care business and participating in lumber industry conferences. We apologize for the scarcity of new material.]

Marrianne Wilson, executive editor of Chain Store Age magazine, recommended Ocean Grove, N.J., for a day trip. So we went. (She also recommended “Z,” the French film of political intrigue from the late 60s, a recommendation for which I am thankful.)

We wound up in Bradley Beach, one town to the south, but for the sake of simplicity, future generations of Clarks will refer to the event as “Our Ocean Grove Adventure." Point Pleasant has the rides and the excitement, but Ocean Grove has the charm and natural beauty. We were almost alone, enjoying the wind, the waves and the miniature mountains of sand that formed near the breaking waves.

How about downtown Ocean Grove? It gives the exalted Stone Harbor, N.J., a run for its money.

There were some rough patches to the adventure. The wind blew the beach umbrella out of its foundation. Theo dripped ice cream in the fancy boutique. But Ocean Grove was good to us all, and we'll be back.

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asplashofsunshine said...

The beach looks like a blast! Isn't it cold in NJ yet? Auntie Joyce gave me the info on this blog, so it inspired me to start one. It is blogspot too. It is "asplashofsunshine". I'll be a loyal reader!

-Karen (Jason and the kids too)