Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh Tannenbaum

The Clarks of New Jersey pose with their Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree is more than just an indoor plant. It’s a member of the family.

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in mid December, the Clarks of New Jersey joined Lulu and Ron of Metuchen on a Christmas Tree expedition at Simonson’s Farms in the wilds of Plainsboro, N.J. A few minutes after leaving a $10 deposit for a handsaw, we fell in love with a beauty (above), cut her down, loaded her into Ron’s Ford pickup and headed home.

A special holiday thanks are extended to Lulu (short for Iluminada) and Ron. It was very nice of them to invite us to join their holiday tradition, and we intend to make it our own. Lulu and Ron have been very good to us since we moved to Metuchen. Lulu introduced Margie to Saturday morning yoga, for instance, and Ron introduced Casey to the massage parlor in East Brunswick (true story: $45 for 60 minutes).

Lulu and Ron, for your steady friendship and holiday spirit, the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

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