Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring Forward

Caption: Theodore Clark, left, and baby Paul Ferrigno enjoy their first outdoor recess since 2006.

Metuchen, N.J. — Because of the 23.4-degree tilt of the earth’s axis, human beings enjoy a regular and refreshing variety of seasons – at least we do in the Raritan Valley, where the Clarks of New Jersey live.

On March 20, the Northern Hemisphere (that’s us) will celebrate the vernal equinox, nature’s way of telling us that spring is here!

Warmth and sunshine arrived a little early last week, and Miss Margie’s Metuchen Day Care took advantage of the spring-like weather with outdoor activities that included, but were not limited to, driveway chalk drawing, worm hunting, bird watching and tricycle riding. Miss Margie believes outdoor recreation is crucial to childhood development, while television impedes the growth of the child’s imagination. For your forward-thinking views, Miss Margie, we salute you!

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