Thursday, May 24, 2007

Days Without Dad

Caption: Pupils of Miss Margie’s Day Care, from left: Maura, Theo, Kara, Luke and Maggie. (Not pictured: Natalie and Paulie).

While dad is engaged in a lengthy business trip and wedding event in Indiana, the rest of the Clarks of New Jersey are soldiering on as best they can. School is in session at 56 Voorhees Place. Shopping and dining continue as usual. Even chores around the house and yard are regularly maintained.

The secret is superhuman effort on the part of Mom, and she is to be commended for this effort. Certainly, Dad also deserves some credit for rallying the children’s spirits through twice-a-day inspirational phone calls from Indiana. But this post sends a special dedication to Mom. Margie Clark, the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

In other news, dad shot a 90 at Edgewood Golf Club, and also enjoyed a leisurely stroll with friends along the White River and ancient Indian mounds at Mounds State Park in Anderson, Ind. Ah, but all is not sunshine and milkshakes for the 41-year-old trade magazine editor. Late last night, an unoccupied Nissan rolled backwards through a parking lot of Panera Bread and sideswiped dad’s rental car while he sat helpless in the driver’s seat. The accident required the attention of the police and several authorities at Hertz and American Express. Luckily no one was injured. However, on the following morning Dad woke up with amazing spider-like powers.


Do you have a favorite state park? Please post a comment with a recommendation for our extended family of readers and subscribers.


asplashofsunshine said...

YOSEMITE... WITHOUT A DOUBT! Beautiful sights, hiking, biking, roads, and wildlife. I am sure all of the parks have unique qualities, but I give Yosemite a 10!

the jonester said...

Our hiking boots head to Sequoia/Kings Canyon. All the pristine beauty without all the hype. My brother's families and my parents are coming out this summer...and this is our destination...Bears Beware!

Jamie H Davis said...

I love Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. I've not been to too many state parks outside of Indiana, so my knowledge is limited, but I do love Turkey Run! :)

Jamie H Davis

judi d said...

My favorite is Mc Cormick's Creek SP in Spencer, IN. Actually, I have instructed my offspring to scatter my ashes there and enjoy a hike in the beautiful woods while there!

I did not know that Yosemite was a state park.