Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nat-Nat Turns Two

From left: Joyce, Margie, Natalie, Theo and Michael III.

Little Nat-Nat enjoyed a big celebration Saturday afternoon. Her second birthday was attended by Mimi, Poppy, Diana, Madeline, Michael, Holly from Milford, and, of course, Nat's immediate family.

As a matter of actual fact, Natalie's birthday falls on June 11. We celebrated two days early because of several interconnected dates and activities, including Luke Rivera's birthday party (June 10), Margie's birthday (June 10) and little Madeline's dance recital (June 9). It just worked out.

Except for the smoke from the fire pit, Natalie's party was a triumph! To all those who contributed: CNJ salutes you!

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asplashofsunshine said...

Whoaaa, the end of May and beginning of June certainly brings a lot of celebrations for your little family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE NATALIE! Are you a "terrible two"?? Your little (distant) cousin Kevin has reached that milestone months before he has turned 2. Maybe you can give him some lessons to learn.