Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our newest relative arrives

Caption: Elena looks a little bit like her father.

It seemed like yesterday when the East Coast Clarks assembled in front of a computer screen in Mimi's basement and learned that little Aaron, youngest member of the Clarks of Colorado, was expecting to become a big brother. Lo and behold, along comes Elena!

To pround parents Danny and Tedra, the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

Here's some parenting advice from Rousseau:

"If [she] should fall or bump [her] head or make [her] nose bleed or cut [her] fingers, instead of rushing to [her] with an with an expression of alarm I will stay calm, at least at first. The harm is done; it is necessary that [she] endure it. All my fussing could only frighten [her] more and add to [her] sensibility. Basically it is not the blow but the fear of it which torments us when we are hurt. I will spare [her] this anquish at least, for [she] will certainly judge the injury as [she] sees me judge it. If [she] sees me running to [her] with worry to console [her], to pity [her], [she] will think [herself] dead. If [she] sees me keeping my cool [she] will soon recover [her] own and will think the wound is healed when it ceases to hurt. This is the time for [her] first lesson in courage, and by bearing slight ills without fear we gradually learn to bear greater ones."

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asplashofsunshine said...

She's precious!