Friday, August 10, 2007

Visiting the World Capital of Fun

Caption: Theo admires the art exhibit in the Lipstick Building.

The stock market fell dramatically on Thursday. How dramatically? So dramatically that Theo and Dad blew off their normal Friday responsibilities and spent much of the day sightseeing in New York City. Who knows how many days we’ll have before the global markets implode? At least we’ll have this day to enjoy the world capital of finance in all its glory.

The 10:20 a.m. train left right on time, and we arrived in a soggy and raw New York City with two umbrellas and a back pack stuffed with healthy snacks.

The first stop: 425 Park Avenue, a.k.a Daddy’s office. Here, Peter made Theo a paper airplane. Peter is the advertising intern at Nation’s Restaurant News, and he’s a very likable college student from St. Josephs in Philadelphia. He sits next to me in the office. He really took the time to make Theo a high-quality aircraft, which had Theo’s name written on both wings. (You can see the plane in Theo’s right hand in the photo above.)

Marianne Wilson also welcomed Theo. She’s a great friend of the Clarks of New Jersey, and has for years supported the family with gifts and kindnesses.

Peter and Marianne: Thanks for being good neighbors. CNJ Salutes you!

Second stop: the Lipstick Building. Dad loves the art exhibit in the lobby of this famous Third Avenue skyscraper. Phoebe Washburn’s “2 BLT’s (Bought and Lovely Towns)” occupies the north and south end of the lobby. I think it’s remarkable. Hundreds and hundreds of wood scraps and two by fours, painted and nailed together to form a clump that resembles a busy city built on a volcanic island. I could happily study it for a full lunch hour, imagining how life might be different in all off its neighborhoods. Theo said he wanted to try to make something like it at home. It’s not a bad idea, I think.

Third stop: Sam Flax, the best art supply store in the city.

Fourth stop: The Midtown Restaurant on 55th street between Lexington and Third avenues. The hostess, a very friendly Indonesian woman with a 24-year-old daughter back in Indonesia, fawned over Theo as she admired his “big black eyes.” Theo just picked at his cheeseburger, but he devoured two deli-style pickles.

Fifth stop: Back to the office. With scissors, paper and markers, Theo made name tags for us both. Mine read “Ken.”

Sixth stop: The Disney store on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street. Did you know that this store, unlike all the Disney Stores in all the malls in America, is run by Disney World? It’s true. Dad bought a little car for Theo, who’s sleeping with it right now.

By the way: the DJIA and the S&P 500 stopped the bleeding on Friday. False alarm.

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What stocks do you like? and why?


asplashofsunshine said...

INTEL--- just because I've had it for years and do not understand the stock market enough to invest in anything else. There ya go. I should do an interactive question on my blog. Haaaa, I'd still get zero comments. OH well. Take care!

Mike said...

MET Life, Inc. - Ticker: MET;

Relatively low risk...strong fundamentals. Appears undervalued due to the current housing market pressures, i.e. subprime. Besides all that...they have the Snoopy Blimp.