Thursday, February 07, 2008

Natalie Gets a New Room

Caption: Natalie, left, will sleep in a big girl's bed for the rest of her life.

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), the single most common do-it-yourself home improvement project is the painting of an interior room. The Clarks of New Jersey brought their talents and resources to bear on this activity last weekend, with superb results.

Visitors to 56 Voorhees Place might remember Natalie’s bedroom as a tired, beige affair with a worn-down floor. Things have changed. Today, the walls of light green, (technically, it’s either “alligator smile” or “meadow mist,” I can’t remember) mix sweetly with the white trim. And the professionally sanded floors are a modern marvel.

Moreover, thanks to Mimi, Natalie enjoys her first-ever “big girls bed,” a nice wooden twin, crafted by Appalachian master woodworkers and bought for a song during one of Mimi’s many adventures to points far off.

The transformation of Natalie’s room is profound.

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What color should we use to improve Theo’s bland bedroom?


Tedra said...

So, let's see the final product for Natalie's room. I think Theo's room should be red - Aaron's favorite color. Love the blog, Uncle Case, keep up the good work!
Love Auntie Tedra (Clark's of Metro Denver)

Caseyclark said...

Good point. We are going to act on this comment from Aunt Tedra. One photo of Natalie's room coming up. ETA: a week or so!