Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday in Skillman

Caption: Madeline, Michael, Theodore and Natalie, with their bounty.

The Clarks of New Jersey shared a memorable Easter holiday with the Clarks of Pennsylvania and the Davidians of New Jersey, a branch of the Clark family not to be confused with the Branch Davidians. These are two very different families.

Highlights included an egg hunt on the “Great Lawn,” organized, directed and sponsored by Diana Davidian, matriarch of the Davidian branch. Interestingly, in the race to collect a satisfying amount of colorful eggs, no child was left behind. No tears – a very rare feat for hunts of this nature involving children of varying heights and ages. For organizing this successful event, Diana is to be commended – the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

Other activities helped place this Easter celebration in high standing. Jumping on the trampoline at the Zauner’s backyard (for video, see; trading Pokemon cards in Michael’s bedroom; watching Davidson upset Georgetown in the basement.

For little Madeline Davidian, 11, the Easter Celebration was crowned by a magnificent view from the roof of her house. “Don’t you go up there,” said Dad and Uncle Carm when the Frisbee went on the roof for the first time. But Dad and Uncle Carm weren’t around the second time. Up she goes like a squirrel.

The most repeated comment of the day: “Michael and Theo look like brothers.”

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asplashofsunshine said...

YES, they do look like brothers! WOW! Looks like another great holiday with the Clark family.