Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clark Family Classic

Caption: Natalie's birth day was eventful.

As the birthdays of both Clark Family children approaches, it is altogether fitting and proper to look back at a classic entry. Here’s one called “Natalie’s Birthday,” which records for posterity the events that preceded Nat-Nat’s birth:

Many noteworthy and interesting things happened on June 10, 2005, Margie's birthday. It was the last day that Theo, Margie and Casey would live together as a family all to themselves. Into that happy little threesome, on June 11, 2005, came Natalie Rose.

June 10 began in Milford, Pa., at the house of Joyce and Ken, where Theo, Margie and Casey were living temporarily. We celebrated Margie’s birthday with a breakfast at the Milford Diner. It was delicious (except for the sausage), and Theo enjoyed pancakes and wore his hat inside, against Joyce’s wishes.

On the way out of Milford, Casey and Theo waited in the car for Margie to pick up Daddy’s shirts. The cleaners lost them.

Margie’s doctor appointment was at 11:45, and Casey got lost driving through South Plainfield.

The Clarks first drove to the hotel, the Clarion on Route 27, but we made a pit stop at the Entemann’s factory outlet. When the room wasn’t ready (check in was 3 p.m.), we went to 56 Voorhees Place, and sat on the brick steps and ate some of the donuts we bought at Entemann’s.

Weichert's Jamie Garda arrived about that time, and took us through our pre-closing walk through. Everything looked so large, compared to 57 Main St., and especially compared to 406 E. 63rd St.

At the closing, Theo was well behaved, and our legal counsel Mr. Mundy invited me to play golf at Metuchen Country Club.

Back to the hotel, then lunch at Xandros, Metuchen’s Filipino restaurant.

Later that night, at the hotel, while Daddy was rubbing mommy’s feet and the adults were watching "Six Feet Under" on HBO, Margie felt as if Natalie did a flip in her belly. Thus began an extremely exciting, wonderful and (eventually) painful experience.
Here is a timeline of events that followed:
At 4 a.m. – recognized that today was going to be the day.
At 5 a.m. – called Dr. Chan.
At 5:15 am – carried Theo to the car.
5:30 – Dropped theo at June’s house.
7:06 a.m. – Doctor Patel delivered Natalie: 6 pounds 7.7 oz.
8:00 a.m. – Dr. Chan arrives.

The movers arrived at 1:30 p.m., about the same time that Theo poignantly asked: “Will we live here for a long, long time?”

We’ll see, Theo. We’ll see.


mimiandpoppy said...

I remember everything except the "hat" incident...I would not have asked Theo to remove it, unless I wanted to show off his beautiful face and eyelashes...

mimiandpoppy said...

I forgot to ask: Did you ever get your shirts back?