Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Development of Theodore

Caption: Theodore and Mrs. Fischer, his kindergarten teacher.

Our little Theodore will soon enter first grade. His development as a student and young man is progressing nicely. His kindergarten report card was stellar. Only one area received a "needs improvement" -- exchanging coins, or coinmanship. And I suspect Mrs. Fischer marked his card that way to show parents that she was painstakingly measuring each and every area of learning, as opposed to just handing out "all A's" like candy.

Regardless of the grading system, we're very proud of Theodore's accomplishments. Here are some other examples of his personal development:

• He has graduated to an intermediate level of "beach going." He has shed all fear of loud ocean and breaking waves. He taunts them, then happily and repeatedly runs away as the surf chases him up the beach.

• He's finished three New York Times bestsellers: "Captain Underpants," and the first two volumes of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."

• His baseball skills have advanced. Here is a direct quote from yesterday. "I can hit it every time." It is not a bad thing, wrote Bertrand Russell, for a young fellow to think highly of himself.

• He enjoys a game of tackle football with his dad. This is a very recent, sudden and spontaneous development. A kickoff, a football rolling in the front lawn, a collision, a take down! (These highlights are almost identical to those of the early 1970s in the back yard at 814 Park Road in Anderson, Ind., where the author very much enjoyed tackling and being tackled with his own dad.)

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What are your best memories of Indiana?


mimiandpoppy said...

First of all, Theodore is just the handsomest boy!!
We are very proud of him too.

As far as my best memory of Anderson is the fact that all our friends ( and yours too) all lived within one square mile of each other....it may have been even less than that...Those were the days and we never had to lock our doors. What a great and happy life we had there.....

Steph said...

So many great memories of Park Road... a certain mud fight in the Clarks backyard comes to mind!! I also remember how much Dan and I idolized Casey and his friends. Casey was always nice to us, even though I'm sure we were annoying!! Those were really fun times. There are very few kids in our neighborhood now and it makes me sad that my kids won't know that kind of life!!

Caseyclark said...

Stephy? Where do you live now where there are no children? Is it that one planet on Star Trek, where Spock noticed there were no children?