Monday, October 27, 2008

Get on the bus!

Caption: Theodore, 6, catches the 8:01 to Campbell.

This morning the Clarks of New Jersey walked down the middle of the street to Theodore’s bus stop at Voorhees Place and Amboy Avenue. Bella and her dad crossed Amboy from their beautiful white farmhouse, and in a moment our happy party heard the screech of the bus brakes.

Bella hugged her dad furiously. Theo gave his mother a tender hug, but when he was told to “give a hug to daddy,” he changed gears. Careful not to get too close, he quickly approached dad with arms outstretched. He applied pressure to dad’s left elbow and right hip. He pushed his hands together, as one would squeeze an exercise machine. During this little gesture, which surprised dad very much, Theo smiled happily.

Theo’s contact with dad usually involves a kick, a punch or a stab with an imaginary light saber. So this embrace was relatively touching, and most welcome!

Theo earned his fist badge as a Tiger Cub Scout, and he was very proud. The badge was for learning the Tiger Cub motto. I asked him what it was. “Do your best,” he said.


mimiandpoppy said...

Hey Case, I owe you ten dollars!!!!

Love, MOM

Caseyclark said...

Ahh.. keep it!