Saturday, February 07, 2009

Two little polliwogs

caption: Natalie and Theo at the International House of Pancakes

Saturday morning for the Clarks of New Jersey, until very recently, centered around Margie's Yoga lessons. We all woke, got dressed and dropped Margie off so she could enjoy 90 minutes of forced relaxation. Dad and the kids would then spend that time running errands or exploring Central New Jersey's diners.

But two weeks ago, we revamped our regular weekend schedule -- now Theo has swim lessons at the YMCA. He's in the polliwag class, splashing around with other children while wearing a buoyant blue belt.

He still hasn't completely submerged his head, but he's confident in his abilities. After his first lesson, his mother asked him if he learned how to swim. "I already knew how to swim," he answered.

Meanwhile, little Natalie continues to surprise us with her observations. "I loved Daddy, even when I was in your belly," she told her mother, when daddy was away on business. Then she told us all a little-known fact about the female lead of Disney's Aladdin: "Did you know that Jasmine is Filipino?" she asked. Oh, really? "Because her skin is brown."

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mimiandpoppy said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable.....

Yep, those are my grandkids........MIMI