Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daddy Takes Over

Swingers at Roosevelt Park in Edison, N.J.

When Margie traveled to the Philippines to be with her family -- especially her beloved brother Gil -- Natalie and Theo were under the care of Daddy. And although they missed their Mommy, the children behaved very well.

Uncharacteristically, Natalie would regularly embrace Daddy's arm and say: "I love you." When asked for reasons, Natalie would say, "I just do." This was the kind of affection normally reserved exclusively for Mommy.

Natalie watched "Thumbelina" three times during her mother's voyage.

Theo matured into a little sports fan during the brief two weeks. He fell in love with the Yankees and turned the front yard into a miniature ballpark. He really likes A-Rod. (But he's not familiar with Alex Rodriquez.

One time in the front yard, Daddy was pitching whiffle balls to Theo when he told his Dad. "No, Dad. Let's play REAL baseball."

What do you mean?

"You have to nod your head no, no, no then yes before you pitch it." So Daddy pretended to take signals from an imaginary catcher, and the game continued.

One other baseball story. Theodore asked if Jeter and A-Rod might both be in his pack of baseball cards that Daddy bought him at Variety Village. Of course, that would be a miracle, and Daddy said so. But wouldn't you know it: Jeter was in the pack!

Later that day, Theo put the event in context: "This was the luckiest day in my life!"

Daddy felt very lucky, too. But the best day was when Margie returned to New Jersey.

So many people helped out: June, Lisa, Barbara, Valerie, Diana, Mimi and Poppy, Pat and Kevin, Max and Nick -- all of you showed wonderful kindness. The Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

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Reader Interaction: What was the longest time you've been away from YOUR kids? How did YOU handle it?

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asplashofsunshine said...

The longest I've been away from my kids is about 36 hours. How did I handle it? Let's just say since it only happened once, I relished every second of silence. Then I came home to hugs and smooches like I had been gone for 2 years. :)

Great job Daddy! I'm sure the kids loved the time with you.