Monday, April 12, 2010

Natalie in New York

Caption: The Princess of Central Park

When little Natalie woke up on Monday, April 12, she told her mother: "Today is not a normal day for me."
No, little girl. Today is a very special day. You are going to New York City with Daddy.
And what a day it was. Mr. Sun smiled down on all the busy New Yorkers from the Battery to the Bronx. First stop: Toys R Us Times Square, where we rode a Ferris Wheel and bought a $6 fairy doll. Natalie looked bored on the ride, but her nervous system was humming with electricity during the purchase process. (We also bought Theo a $9 Iron Man toy, and he literally jumped up and down and shouted "goody-goody," upon receipt.)
Several of Daddy's office mates at 425 Park Avenue submitted the views that Natalie was "very cute," or "much changed." These motions were gallantly seconded by her father, who made sinister mental notes about those who were silent on the matter.
In Central Park, the zoo was a hit, except for the temperature in the Rain Forest exhibit. And at the Midtown Restaurant, here's what our waitress said to us: "What'll it be, Sweetie?"
A busy day indeed! Natalie fell fast asleep on the train coming home.


dothy said...

I agree with your office mates...Nat is really a cutie :)

mimiandpoppy said...

Good job, Casey.....What was the occasion?......
Bring your child to work day?

Sounds like a perfectly special day with daddy !!!