Sunday, September 19, 2010

Natalie's thirst for knowledge

caption: Natalie and friend in downtown Philadelphia.

When the Metuchen library called Mommy and explained that Theo and Natalie won prizes in the raffle drawing, the kids were thrilled. Theodore won a meal at Macaroni Grill, and Natalie won a choice of children's reference books.

She picked "First Encyclopedia" and she has been researching ever since.

By research, I mean she reads a passage and copies it into her notebook. For instance: "Rules of the Rain Forest: 1.) Leave the jungle exatly (sic) the way you found it! Don't take rocks" etc.

Later, Mommy found the following written note:

Natalie's Rules

1. Use words nicely

2. Be nice to mom and Dad

3. Play with friends

4. Do not step on sticks.

This last principle (no. 4) must have been considered questionable or controversial, because it was crossed out and erased partially.

Natalie's research includes astronomy and zoology.

When one of her little friends came to visit, Natalie shouted: "Would you like to see my research?!"

I didn't see how her friend responded, but her enthusiasm must have been very high, for who wouldn't jump at the chance to see little Natalie's research?

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