Saturday, August 06, 2011

Natalie's Haircut

Caption: Kara, left, and the new-look Natalie.

Little Natalie's hair was a topic of debate during her recent weekend with Mimi and Poppy. Mimi took the view that it was in need of gardening and cultivation. Natalie opposed, forcefully, suggesting that the natural look was worthy of respect and development, all the way to her waist.

(Natalie wanted to send a letter to Mimi to thank her for her generosity, but she didn't know the "Zip lock.")

The hair argument ran to a successful conclusion during a recent playdate with Natalie's lifelong friend Kara. The event brought our little Natalie into the home of Kara's grandmother, a respected professional hair dresser who operates from her basement. Natalie sat in the big chair, and the operation commence.

On her new hair style, Natalie said: "I like it because I like it."

Don't you miss you're long hair?

"Yes. I mean no. It was annoying because it kept getting my neck sweaty, every day. Even inside."

1 comment:

mimiandpoppy said...

OMG, Does she look beautiful or what?......
So grown up, and now I can see her beautiful face.