Monday, September 18, 2006

A Day at the Beach: Part II

Little Natalie had it made in the shade at Point Pleasant Beach.

Remember Aunt Helen’s parking lot from the entry a few days ago? Well if you thought her parking policy was a great deal for the Clarks of New Jersey, wait till you hear what happened Sunday in Point Pleasant Beach when we saw Aunt Debby, Poppy’s real-life sister.

Not only did we get free parking, not only did we get the “member’s welcome,” but we also got the free booklet of 60 tickets for rides at Jenkinson’s boardwalk – a $25 value! Debby casually handed it to us as if she had a thousand free tickets stashed away somewhere. (Rumor has it, she does.) We thanked her and wished her well and commented on the gorgeous blue sky and warm weather. “Made to order,” was Aunt Helen’s comment, as she hustled to rectify a haphazardly parked family.

Anyway, we went off to enjoy another glorious day of boardwalk, funnel cake, chocolate malt, sunshine, sand and wicked waves. When we returned to the car, there was a gift waiting for us. Aunt Debby had stuffed candy in the Honda’s cupholders and $10 bills in each of the kids’ car-seat buckles.

So let’s do the math. The normal person would pay $10 for parking and $25 for the rides. The Clarks of New Jersey, however, not only saved the $35 in expenses, but we took in $20 in revenue — a $55 total value.

I’m not sure if Aunt Debby or Aunt Helen read “,” but this entry is dedicated to their generosity.

Some advice and random notes from the beach:

• To get the utmost enjoyment of funnel cake, one should not watch as it is being prepared.

• Be careful when the waves break close to the shore line. Dad is experiencing back and neck stiffness as the result of one brute of a wave that caught him out of position.

• The guy at the candy and ice cream store recognized us from our last visit. “I remember you because you asked for chopped Snickers the last time you were here,” he said. They still didn’t have chopped Snickers.

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