Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Sidewalks of New York

Mom’s last day of vacation from Miss Margie’s Day Care was Friday. After this weekend, little Kara, little Maura and Maura’s new baby brother Paulie will begin spending their days at 56 Voorhees Place. How does Mom celebrate her last weekday of freedom? Ambitiously. She carries two kids, a stroller and a big bag of supplies to the train, through the New York subway system and up the steps to Dad’s office at 425 Park Ave. Then she whisks them off to FAO Schwartz and Central Park for several hours.
Eventually, the four of us enjoyed a peaceful afternoon stroll down Park Avenue, through the Helmsley pedestrian tunnel and into Grand Central Terminal, where Mom and Dad taught Theo the secret of the whispering wall. Off to Bryant Park, above, for some rest before our final push to Penn Station and home.
An interesting toy note: Theo wouldn’t let go of his new Lego toy – a complex dinosaur kit with tiny little pieces. While sitting around a small table at Bryant Park, Mom thought she felt a single piece drop to the floor. An exhaustive search was launched. Nothing was found. Maybe nothing hit the ground after all. It would be a shame to lose a single tiny piece of the toy.
Ten minutes later, walking down a crowded Sixth Avenue sidewalk, Theo spills the entire Lego pack. Tiny pieces ricochet everywhere, commuters stepping all around, mom and dad doing their best to recover what they can.
When we arrived at the Metuchen platform, it was raining.

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