Friday, November 17, 2006

Communication Skills

Four-year-old Theodore likes "things that move."

Theodore has learned to experiment with metaphors. For instance, he recently told his mother: “I love you as much as the land.” This was an expression of deep love, and better, an original expression. But his best work is done on paper, upon which he draws complex and imaginative machines, typically diesel trains. (He always distinguishes between diesel trains and steam engines.) I asked him this morning if he also likes airplanes. “I like things that move,” he answered.

Natalie, however, continues to struggle to communicate in English. “Up,” is one of the very few words in her repertoire. Her primitive communication, however, is very effective. She tends to scream until she gets what she wants – and usually she wants up. She also points very effectively. I get the sense that she will be a nature girl, because carrying her outside will often calm her. And she enjoys pointing at the squirrels during her early morning rides around the block in her stroller.

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