Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving Thanks in Milford, Pa.

Gathering in the basement in Milford, Pa. (from left): Madeline, Sascha, Sabina, Joyce (Mimi), Michael, Natalie, Margie and Diana.

For Thanksgiving, the Clarks of New Jersey traveled to Milford, Pa., for a family gathering with Mimi and Poppy. In the photo above, notice the togetherness, the joy and the family bond. You see Joyce surfing the Internet while visitors offer suggestions and guidance.

Earlier in the evening, the computer brought the message that the Clarks of Colorado—Danny, Tedra and baby Aaron, all official relatives of the Clarks of New Jersey – are expecting a second child. They broke the news in an e-mail to Mimi with a photo of A aron Clark wearing a t-shirt with the message: “I’m going to be a big brother June 2007.”

It took a moment or two for the meaning of the shirt to sink in, but when it did, the Thanksgiving spirit kicked into fourth gear.

Danny and Tedra, we don’t know if you read “The Clarks of New Jersey Blog,” but we dedicate this Thanksgiving entry to you. Clarks of Colorado, we salute you!

We love visiting Joyce and Goose on holidays. It’s fun to watch the ebb and flow of the party as it moves from the living room, to the dining room, to the basement, back to the living room. Guests, including Sister Bernice Marie from Lodi, N.J., will not soon forget the feast.

Other highlights included a comedy skit in which Theodore and his cousin Michael pretended to break their backs, and a spirited discussion of the World Socialist Web Site involving Sascha’s step dad Morten Nyborg

Skillman, N.J.-based Madeline Davidian’s Life Book was also a big hit. We passed it around like a precious photo album filled with amazing snapshots. Here’s an excerpt from a passage entitled: “My House,” which describes the Davidian home on 94 Sycamore Lane in Skillman, N.J.:

“ … Outside is the most beautiful of all with all the tall trees around you, the smell of the grass and the c’rumbling leaves beneath your feet. Inside is a very warm and cozy place. … I think the family room is the best because it is the biggest and where every one does something together.…”

Breaking News: The Davidian’s home at 94 Sycamore Lane has been selected as the site of the extended family’s 2006 Christmas celebration.

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