Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween in Metuchen

Caption: From left: Maggie, Theo, Kara, Luke and Natalie

Halloween has many charms. Neighbors open their doors to their neighbors. Gifts are exchanged to promote social harmony and general happiness. People look beyond the profit system, some of them skip work altogether. And everyone turns his back on conventional fashion.

I ask you: Why can’t every day be Halloween?

Theo and Natalie certainly enjoy Halloween. At school, Theo’s first Halloween parade was a graveyard smash – the children beamed with pride in their costumes on the stage as parents snapped digital photographs.

When Daddy returned home from work, a dozen children were tricking and treating on Voorhees Place, including Kara and her brother, Kyle. Theo and Natalie milled about, carrying candy containers filled to capacity. “They’re done,” said Mom.

A word about Natalie's kitty-kat costume. This black-and-white classic has seen more tricks than any Halloween costume in Clark family history. Madeline Clark Davidian wore it for two Halloweens, Theo wore it for three, and Natalie has now worn the family heirloom twice. Kitty-kat costume, the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

Several waves of children came to 56 Voorhees Place during the evening. The prize-winning costumes were those of two boys, about 11 or 12, who dressed as old ladies, with canes and gray hair. Theo watched from the safety of the living room as strange children crowded our tiny front porch, which is ill-designed for tricking or treating. On one occasion, a witch and Edvard Munch’s The Scream were momentarily trapped between the storm door and the front wall, effectively blocking several other gouls and princesses. No one was injured, however.

After the excitement, the children returned to their nightly ritual – books upstairs in Theo’s room, moderate rough-housing with Dad, then a song and milk for Natalie downstairs, then a reading from “Charlotte’s Web” for Theo, then good night.

# # # Recurring Feature: Reader Participation # # #

The best Halloween costume I ever saw was that my brother, Dan, when he dressed up as Tiger Woods a few years ago. What was the best Halloween costume YOU ever saw?


mimiandpoppy said...

Although Idid not see them in person, I thought the year Dan dresses as Elvis and Tedra as Wonder Woman was pretty amazing!!!

asplashofsunshine said...

There is a girl that I know from high school that has quadruplets, and her children were dressed as wisdom teeth. Haaaa! Through her blog, I saw other quads dressed as hot dogs, a giant pea pod, and bugs too. Sooo cute! Hey, you asked!

Elisete said...

Crianças lindas!