Monday, October 01, 2007

Special Report: Aaron Clark Turns Three

Caption: Aaron (foreground) collects candy from the pinata.

The Clarks of Metro Denver - Dan, Tedra, Aaron and little baby Elena - celebrated Aaron's third birthday Saturday with presents, games, candy and a late-night trip to downtown Commerce City for Mexican food regarded as the best in the area by readers of the Denver Post.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Rapid response weather planning: The party was set up as an outdoor gathering at a park near the Clarks’ home, but the winds began to howl – knocking over full 12-oz. cans of soda and sending party favors and plates across the central plains states. Undaunted, the Clarks of Metro Denver led the troops indoors where the party played out happily. A good time was had by all.

• Cute kids: Little baby Elena is an adorable child with a happy attitude toward life. And Aaron is a sweet boy who loves his family, and looks just like his dad looked back in 1974. “Angelic” is a good word for him.

• Memory lane: Yes, dear reader, there was also time when Dan Clark, all 6-3, 230 pounds of him, was angelic. I remember those days well. My sister, Diana, and I were about 9 or 10, and we competed aggressively for his affections. Sometimes one of us would bribe him for his precious gifts of time and attention. Now, golf brings the two grown brothers together naturally, but back in the mid 1970s, Diana won more battles than she lost.

• Architecture note: The Clarks of Metro Denver live in a remarkable house – a classic mountain-style wood and stone design with hardwood floors, a semi-circular staircase, views of the golf course plus all the modern amenities. Of special interest is the high-definition television. Here’s an actual comment from Dan about the quality of the picture: “If it’s not high-definition, I don’t even want to watch it anymore.” That’s high praise!

The Clarks of Metro Denver hosted me for four nights as I attended the Ace Hardware Convention. They treated me like family, even better. Dan, Tedra, Aaron and baby Elena: the Clarks of New Jersey salute you!

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What’s your favorite Dan Clark story?

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Caseyclark said...

How about the time Dan cut the string of his brother's kite while it was in the air? That was a classic.

mimiandpoppy said...

The "Blue Moon" ice cream story come to mind.

But in celebration of Aaron's 3rd birthday, let me relate Dan's. While he was napping, Diana and I decorated the room with streamers and balloons. Dan awoke all grumpy and insisted we take all the decorations down. Don't know why as it was the day of his 3 year birthday party. Guess he just wasn't a party animal!!!