Monday, December 03, 2007

Clarks of N.J. Join the YMCA

Caption: Theo, Nat and Margie, before dad's prodigious sleep.

If a member of the Metuchen YMCA, let’s call him James, had walked into the men’s locker room at 2:20 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 1, here is what he would have seen. Casey, Theo and Natalie fumbling with clothes, shoes, lockers, shoes and swimsuits. And, oh, by the way, James would have also seen Margie. That’s right – all four of us were in the men’s locker room organizing our gym clothes!

It’s a long story, but let us turn our eyes from this scene of familiar disorganization. There were plenty of other happy moments to record for posterity. All four of us enjoyed our first day as members of the YMCA. We remained to the very end of the “Family Swim,” then we discovered that there’s really no difference between “Family Swim” and “Open Swim,” and we didn’t need to rush.

Then Natalie enjoyed what to her was an exotic hydro therapy during which she stood in a tiled room and let water fall from a specially designed faucet over her back, washing away her stress. It was the first such experience for little Natalie, and she eagerly looks forward to her next “shower,” as most of us call it.

Casey performed heroic feats of strength in the exercise room, where several flat screen TVs broadcast sporting events to inspire members to new levels of exertion. This place is fabulous. And we all enjoyed meeting our tour guide, Maddie, who helps out in the babysitting room occasionally.

Finally, this is going to sound like an exaggeration, but Casey slept a full 13 hours Saturday night. It must have been all the swimming.

Note to friends and relatives: When you come visit us, there’s a good chance we can secure guest passes for you. We ask only that you follow normal locker room protocol.

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Is there anything better than 13 hours of sleep? Anything in the world?


mimiandpoppy said...

That sounds like a fun place.

But tell me what is that blue thing on the side of Margie's head? Hope the chlorine didn't affect her hair color...Ha...Ha...

asplashofsunshine said...

I'll let you know if there is anything better than 13 hours of sleep as soon as I am able to experience that.

Glad you are having fun at the YMCA. Reminds me of my childhood.