Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bernice's Bountiful Birthday Bash

Assorted relatives gathered to celebrate Bernice's birthday. Does anyone above look 90 years old? We don't think so either.

What happened in 1917? The Russian Revolution shook the world. The Danish West Indies was sold to the United States for $25 million and became the U.S. Virgin Islands. And in Portugal, three peasant children spread the word that they saw the Virgin Mary above an Oak tree in the city of Fatima.

And, also of historical significance—particularly for the Clarks of New Jersey – was the birth on Jan. 6 of Bernice Haduch. a.k.a. Sister Bernice Marie. Let us fast forward 90 years.

Bernice celebrated her 90th birthday at the Felician College in Lodi, N.J., this past weekend. The Clarks of New Jersey were there. So, too, were the Clarks of Pennsylvania, the Davidians of New Jersey, the Mizeraks of Bethleham, and assorted others. (See photo.)

Sandwiches, delicious cake, and charming well-behaved children combined to create an atmosphere conducive to pleasure and laughter. Following the party, Sister Bernice spoke with the author.

“I didn’t know so many relatives would come,” said Bernice. “Thanks for coming. Everybody, thank you!”

Bernice, who doesn't look a day older than 55, was asked to explain her youthful appearance.

“Clean living,” she said.

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