Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bernice's Party Revisited

Three generations meet in Lodi, N.J. -- Casey, Joyce and Bernice

Another word about Sister Bernice’s 90th birthday party in Lodi, N.J.

A few days after the party, I came home from a late night of editing the February edition of Home Channel News magazine. I turned on the dining room light (see posting: Home Improvement) and found a note on the table. Immediately I recognized the clear cursive handwriting of Sister Bernice Marie.

Imagine, the loving swirls of her pen, the gentle crossings of her t’s, and the charming migration of her story from the right side of the card to the left side of the card, and you will then have a better understanding of the remarkable sweetness of the letter, and why it affected me dearly.

I reproduce the note here.

Dear Casey and Margie, Theo and Natalie Rose,

Joy, oh Joy! What a totally joyful, loving Birthday Party was mine this Jan. 21, 2007. To turn 90 is quite a milestone and a good many years to be serving our Lord. I must be doing a good job. Though retirement will be quite an adjustment, I am confident that our Lord will find ways to keep my life fulfilling. I found little Natalie so beautifully dressed, very amusing, a great change in her. She fell in at times with the other children enjoying herself. I was happy that she came close to me – allowing to be touched and not crying. She was adorable. Theo was seen only from a distance – sitting at the table near the sidewall with the other children. That was his spot this time to enjoy whatever he was doing. However, before leaving he did say a few words to me, which gave me great joy. I understand he is quite an artist with all the details involved. I am just wondering what that little mind will produce. May God bless and keep in His loving care and embrace each and every one of you. So gratefully, Cioc, Sister Bernice Marie.

Upon seeing the letter, here was Theo’s comment: “Why are there so many words?”


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