Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Big Game

Theo (left) and Natalie, at Metuchen High School’s gym.

As soon as we found our seats behind the Edison team, the referee called a technical foul on one of the Edison players, who displayed poor sportsmanship. He went to his bench and was threatened with expulsion by his coach if he said “one more word.” He said several more words, but he did not appear to be expelled.

It was one of many problems for the Edison team, and one of the many exciting highlights of our trip to Metuchen High School on Saturday for an enjoyable afternoon of high school basketball. (By the way: It was the warmest Jan. 6 in recorded history, 72 degrees.)

Metuchen trounced Edison. Doubled their score, in fact. I was very impressed when one of the Metuchen players grabbed a long rebound, took a dribble into the lane and dunked the ball in traffic. The Edison basketball program appears to be a complete mess. In the spirit of generosity, I will drop the subject.

Margie, Theo, Natalie and Casey snuck into the game for the very-low-price of $4 – the ticket taker gave us a break because it was almost half-time when we arrived at the gym. Theo and Natalie seemed to have a good time. They both sat in the bleachers in such a way that the seating area became a desktop for their drawing and coloring activities.


When Mimi and Poppy, the official Clarks of Pennsylvania, visited us on New Years Day, Poppy saw the “West Side Story” CD on the table and made an offhand comment – “Oh, I like West Side Story.”

This CD has never been a favorite of the Clarks of New Jersey – in fact, we hardly ever listen to it – My Fair Lady and Sound of Music get most of the play. But ever since Poppy’s recommendation, Theo has been listening exclusively to the West Side Story soundtrack.

His favorite song varies – it’s either “The Jet Song,” or “Something’s Coming.” This morning (Sunday), he pulled up a chair to the stereo and was mouthing whatever words he could. He was staring at the CD player like children of yore used to stare at the radio for Green Lantern broadcasts. Then he asked: “Dad, what’s a mother loving street?” – (lyrics from the Jet Song.)

And when Natalie hears the ambulance during the rumble song, she points outside to the street.

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